2019 Round Fees

This year the executive committee has decided on increasing round fees by a small amount.

The first half of the season will be $250 and will cover games until Christmas. The rate for the second half of the season will be comparable.

The league is a not-for-profit and as such operates as close to break-even as we can. Last year the league did not carry a positive budget. Additionally both arenas, Feildian and Mile One, have increased their rates and we are short a number of full-time skaters this season.

Fees Due in October

This year there was a change in way we pay each arena and we are on the hook in advance of season. Therefore the execute has set a fee deadline of October 28th for full-time players to pay their fees.

Players who have not paid their fees by this deadline need not show up for November skates. They will not be allowed to play.

Please speak to your captain if you require a special exception.

Fee Structure for Spares

There is a new rule for spares in terms of payment this year. Spares are required to pay $60 in advance. This covers four games which you are guaranteed to play. Games will be $15 each after your fourth game.

This rule is related to collected fees as stated above but also to ensure spares are motivated to play when called upon.

Paying Your Fees

You can pay your fees directly to your captain. Payment can be accepted in the form of:

  • Cash
  • e-transfer to your captain
  • Cheques made out to “NAPE Blackhorse Hockey League”

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