*New League Champs Crowned*

Congratulations to TaiPan on winning the League Championship on Sunday night with a 6-1 victory over CIS, in a hard fought series that went the distance.

*NEW* Award Presented!

This past Sunday night, A new award was created and donated by our referee,Jesse Wilkins. The award recognizes a player who best represents the spirit and values of our League. It includes,but is not limited to, sportsmanship(on and off the ice), attendance (players who show up most every night), and generally a player who contributes to the League. This could include gathering the pucks after warm ups, or gathering pucks when they go over the glass.

We are very proud to announce that there were 2 winners for this season! Bob Royle and Steve Pearce were chosen by Jesse, as the two players who best demonstrated these qualities this season. Congratulations to both of you !

League Historical Stats Posted!

Exciting news! You asked for it, now we have it!

Check out the “Previous Seasons” tab on the bottom of the home page to see League stats from the infancy of the League up to and including last season.

There a a few gaps in the early years, and stats were not as in depth as they are now, But it is a fascinating retrospective of our League history, statistically.

Thanks to League historian, solid winger, and all around all-star Bob Royle for providing these stats.